About us

DATAcrea s.r.o. was founded in 2002 as a filial company from data creation division of Ekosoft s.r.o. Our settlement is in Košice - Industry center of Eastern Slovakia. We are oriented to CAD, design and development of 3D visualization and game software.

Our employees are: programmers, design engineers, technical drawers and engineering calculation specialists.

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We will develop a complete 3D model of your own course

Our team can vividly recreate any existing or projected course in perfect virtual reality, down to the smallest detail.

You will recognize the clubhouse, your customers’ favorite restaurant, that tricky bunker or the pond with the fountain. Trees swaying in the breeze, rippling grass, drifting clouds and murmuring creeks are just some of the realistic elements we include to charm and delight you, your friends and your customers.

No other experience can prepare you for playing your own course on your 3D simulator.

The quality of gameplay, training and entertainment you get with our system is a combination of perfect simulation and realistic rendering of every detail of your course, setting your game on the cutting-edge of the 21st-century.