Software development

Creative Golf 3D

The main product of DATAcrea is a golf simulator Creative Golf 3D. Find your favorite playground from a worldwide selection of playgrounds, have fun with minigolf, or improve your teeing on fun minigames.

Development of highly accessible and automatically scalable web applications

When we develop programs and applications, we ensure high product scalability. We answer questions like: What happens in case of server failure. How to connect thousands of users or migrate your app to the cloud.

Agile management

When developing applications we use agile project management. Reduction of defects and deficiencies, new functionality and greater functionality for change are only a small percentage of the agile management benefit. The use of feedback cycles, reflection and other tools ensures self-correction and continuous process improvement. hotels

React Native

We use React Native technology to build the app, allowing us to use almost identical source code for both platforms (Android and iOS). React native significantly reduces the time required to deliver a new application, extend an existing application, or eventually maintain the application.

Create applications like ECC Camping Guide Europe

With ECC, you have the most beautiful campsites right in your pocket. With GPS location, you will discover the available camping sites in your area. And all this without an Internet connection, so you can enjoy your whole trip undisturbed.