Creative Golf

Creative Golf

You can now enjoy the game of gentlemen in the comfort of your home or your favorite Indore golf resort. DATAcrea offers a fully immersive Creative Golf simulator that will immerse you in the game for long hours. You can train not only on your digitized home course, but also through fun golf with window breaking.

We will create complex 3D model of your home golf course

Our team will create a perfectly believable virtual reality for you from any golf course. When playing the golf simulator you will recognize every hole, grin or obstacle. By playing the simulator on your 3D playground, you will suddenly experience feelings that you have never known before.

Worldwide presentation of your course

The virtual model of the course becomes part of the worldwide database, so it is the right advertising for you and your course. Golf enthusiasts from around the world will want to repeat a good result from the virtual world on your real course.

Your playground is still in your pocket

With an application designed specifically for your playground, you will always have everything you need with you. Explore the course, discover the obstacles that await you on the next hole, and write the score directly into your smartphone.

Get to know your playground before you first visit it

Video files with overflights over your course and over each hole are also included in your order. You can place these videos on your WEB and your clients will get a detailed picture of the course. Prior to their visit, customers will choose a strategy for the game and will get good results right from the first game.